Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Things & Stuff

I need a major blog overhaul. I'll work on that. In the meantime, I will just do lots of photo posts because I have very little time these days. My goal is to have more fun with this and really get into some coding and designing myself. Stay tuned. A few updates...

Paint! We finally painted away some green in the house. Yay!! Greenbegone!

New glasses, finally. Big, dorky and stylish. ;)
Let's get rid of the fact that this picture sucks and I totally need a haircut and really have no idea whether to keep the bangs or not, but my frames are rad. Although, a tad large for my face, I like. Warby Parker rocks on! If you need frames, no need to go elsewhere. Affordable and easy.

My little man is almost 17 months and FINALLY, I think, he's walking. Maybe. He's doing more and more lately. We worked hard at it this past weekend. Getting rid of his monkey scoot butt! Cutest thing ever. Hubs likes to call it "wounded spider".

Other things from last weekend... lots of pool time, lots of ice-cream and a bad scare from a mouth/face plant. Rory about lost her teeth and bit through her lip. Ouchy. Let's just say that I hate the fact that I get woozy over blood (lots of blood). Poor baby needed her momma. I felt horrible. Other than that, good fun! This pretty much sums it up. The Dome, horses, goats, (yes one ate my shirt) swollen face girl, bike ride, ice-cream, hotel stay, swimming... #staycation: Holiday World & French Lick fun. 
This weekend, Strassenfest. Let's hope we come out of it without any wreckage. Happy August!


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