Monday, October 20, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nathalie + Shane

Time for fall. Wedding season. This sweet couple asked me to photograph their wedding and I'm so glad I did. Such a joy.




Wednesday, October 1, 2014


October calls for pumpkin goodies. Cookies. Pies. Lattes. Waffles. Oh yes. Apples too! I just found this recipe. It's on! Holy yummo.


If they are good and I like you, you may just have some end up on your doorstep. :) Happy October!! A favorite month in or house! (No more flip flops, but Rory boycotted today. The sun is out, mom!)


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Flawless Fallness

We need some new kicks. sweaters. jackets. Kids are growing fast. Fall wardrobe is lacking.

For me. New Banana is wicked good! I love...
sweet sweet sweater
say yes to the jacket!

perfect pants


For hubs. Banana does not disappoint. All of the below... yes yes.

jacket is cool

hat + sweater

For the littles. Layer up sales event! GO GAP.


Loving this little guy...
cute digs!

Also, I just bought this hat. Much needed fall accessory! Super cute on!

Pumpkins and mums have made their way. Closets are switching gears. Happy fall. 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Catching My Breath

I'm SO behind. Where to start. Photographed my first wedding (yikes), toddler not sleeping, therefore nobody sleeping well, my mind not unwinding, going to bed too late, exhaustion, went to Florida for a much needed overdue family vacation, drove home just in time for a birthday and now trying to get back into reality.

So here are a few pics to catch you up. My beautiful cousin got married. I was hesitant to take pictures when she asked because it's so intimidating, but so glad I grabbed my friend and we took a leap. Super fun, exhausting, but good lessons learned. (Business has started, logo done, website is being worked on. It's a whirlwind. We are in it. agghh!)

Not too bad for a first time, but boy was I disappointed in the shots I reeeeally wanted to get. Sigh. I think the bride is happy though, so that is all that matters. 

Florida was heaven on earth. We went with cousins and friends and we had a blast! Minus the humidity drab hair, cranky talkback tot moments and long drive, we'd do it all over again next week. 

This face right here is pure joy! when she's not sassing you back in the face, grrrr, little 5 year old going on 13.

 I promise, this kid really does smile. :)

 So amazing. We didn't want to leave.

And... last but not least. My sweet little nephew turned 1. How cute is this face?

And this week is full of more editing. Stay tuned for new biz and website. Coming sooooon. Also, it's time for fall. Yay! We are ready for a wardrobe change after a hot beach week. Tomorrow is a plaid kind of day. Too soon? I think not. Do you read Dean Street Society? I love her. Check out her Style Me September Guide. Super fun! She told me to wear plaid so why wouldn't I?!  ;)