House Tour

I live in a historic home in a small town. Our midwest town, once bountiful in hardwoods, is sometimes called the "wood capital of the world."  This home is beautifully unique, so much so that when I first saw it I had to have it. It's on the busiest corner in town, but I like that. Sometimes I wish for a quiet farmhouse (or beach house) in the middle of nowhere, but I like city life too (and miss it) so I'll take busy for now. The man who first owned it actually patented veneer molding and a method of making plywood from wood waste. He and his brothers built propellers and navigation tables for the war effort during the 40's. They also provided plywood for Howard Hughe's plane! In later years, their company built wood paneling for Ford Motor Company. Needless to say, we are surrounded by wood in this home.

We have a vast array of some of the finest woods and veneers including walls of Kelobra Ribbon Striped, Pollard English Oak, Red Gum, Stump Walnut, African Mozambique, East Indian Satin, Birdseye Maple and Cherry. It's pretty amazing. Very unique. Very dark. So I've tried to modernize a bit with lighting and light colored furnishings. There will be no paint. Although it would look outstanding  in white, I would not dare paint such history.

More photos coming soon...

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