Thursday, January 31, 2013

Framed UP

I need new glasses! Big ones, cool, fun. If you know me at all, it takes awhile for me to make decisions. So, instead of trying on 100 pair at my local eye joint, I just said, "screw it"... and ordered these last night at midnight on my phone when I saw them...

Cute, right?? I hope they look good on my face! I have a narrow one. I also hope they are big enough. Buggy me will look somewhat sophisticated or nerdy. Either one is perfect! We'll see... I'll give you a picture once here. I thought, why not, for $19.95 on sale, STEAL! Just need to get my lenses in and donezo. Got em at Anthro. Where else? Duh. AND I got the last pair, sorry. 

Look I was going for... 



Hmmm, maybe I should have gone bigger and black! Whatta u think?


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