Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Unexpected Significance

Started boot camp last week. Let's see how this goes. I don't stick to anything. I'm sort of non committal. I like Yoga. I like Pilates. I like to cycle. I like to hike. Not addicted to anything really; although, I do love my coffee. The only thing that I NEED (besides people of course) is music. So, I guess I should start pairing my music with some sort of workout? I never make playlists.

Yoga is kind of my church. I know I should go every week, but it's so hard to get there some days. Cycle is good when I have time to do it and it's not 6 in the morning. Pilates is awesome when it's taught well. Hiking was perfect when I had no kids. I have too many excuses, so I started boot camp. It's kind of like Rory's gymnastics. We paid up front so we have to go! The 'pay by class' deal will never reel me in. Though, if I have a partner, I usually always go.

So far so good; till I have to run a mile this week. At least it has me motivated to do something every single day. I downloaded the app My Fitness Pal, months ago, but never used it till now. We eat healthy, but this gives me more reason to eat even better.

I had to stock up on our fruits and veggies yesterday as well as the essentials so one stop shop was where it was at. Not one to preach, but I really loathe Walmart. Sometimes, I can't avoid it and yesterday was one of those days. It's never a quick visit since in small town land you run into at least half of the people you graduated with, spend too much b/c if you are like me you wait till the last minute and are out of every single thing you need, and the checkout takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

Yesterday, however, was a nice surprise. I spent a small fortune because I waited months to go, took me forever because I had to go through every single isle, BUT I ran into nobody I knew and the lady at checkout organized my groceries in my cloth bags so perfectly and quickly. She also smiled and was so nice and complimented on how healthy we eat. She made my day! You go Walmart girl! (p.s. I did stop at the fruit stand on the way, which is my preferred source of food. Sorry Wally, you're not my favorite and never will be but glad you are there when I need you).

Moral of all my jargon....stop with the excuses, Allison. Yes, I prefer Target and yes, I prefer cleaning my house over working out, but sometimes you just have to do it and it's surprisingly OK.

Just thoughts on my mind. Get you that App. Good for the soul.  ;)

My bulletin for the day!


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