Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Happy

Happy Halloween! Rory says, "I'm a Princess Indian!!" She is so excited to trick or treat with her friends tonight!

Indian Princess
Also, Happy Baby Reveal to us! Klint's birthday was Friday so I decided to surprise him with a cake last minute. More so because I ran out of time to make the pumpkin pie I had promised him AND because I just couldn't wait till Xmas to find out the sex of this baby. Also, I thought it'd be nice to do this surprise with just the three of us on Klint's special day. (Thx for the idea LLL; totally ripped it off!) He sent me a text that morning asking me, "Do you think it's a girl?" So I got the itch and just ran to Rene's Bakery and asked if they'd do a baby/birthday cake for us! They were so kind, took my enveloped ultrasound pic and made me a quick little sweet cake (this is why I love them and their croissants SO SO much).

Klint and I were both really nervous, anxious, whatever you want to call it. ;) Rory just wanted to eat cake! We all made our guesses and this is how it turned out:

Rory thinks baby's in her belly, ha! Needless to say, we were a little shocked. I think we were both thinking the other way around would be easier on us, but we can take this on! Rory still may not totally get it, but she definitely enjoyed the cake...

My husband loves having his sweet little girl, but I think he'll be a very proud pops to a boy! We're excited!

Should make things interesting. Now to plan a room that characterizes both boy and girl stuff! Oh, and to collect on all things boy.



Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

OHHHH YAY!!!!!! So happy for you guys! I'm so happy you did the cake. Wasn't it nice to just have it as the three of you :) Congrats!!

Meredith said...

Yeah! Someone for Klint to take hunting...CONGRATULATIONS!

Allison said...

Was nice Chassity! Mer, I think Klint is still in shock. He always thought we'd have girls. I told him last night he's not allowed to take him hunting until he's at least 15!