Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Babe News

Think I convinced husband to find out Bean's sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited! We may wait till xmas though. And we may not tell anyone either. hehe  You'll have to pay us a visit if you want to know! Wonder if Rory can keep a secret? (p.s. Bean is what Rory calls baby).

Now to figure out the elements of the surprise. Xmas box full of baby pink or blue for Rory to open??? Photograph some fun with balloons and such to share with all?? Cake/dessert fun...I LOVE what Chassity did over at Look Linger Love. Sweet idea!!! Or, we could have some fortune cookies made for xmas fun! Or Hershey Kisses and share with all if we decide to spill the news. Cupcake party! SO many neat ideas. I can't wait!

Enveloping it this month. Wow, time is flying fast. Hoping & praying for a perfect ultra sound! I have no trouble waiting till December and still a little time to plan. I waited 9 months for Rory girl. We were pleasnantly surprised to have a girl!! :)

Cool ideas below... I love the gender reveal party with a tally game! How fun! Craving station, gender buttons, name suggestions. Or have guests wear a pink or blue shirt to guess the sex.

via Amy Atlas Blog
Then a reveal...


I don't know, if we share the news this could be a good excuse to have a party! :)



Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Yay for finding out! I can't wait to see how you do it. These ideas are genius!!

And thanks for the shout out. Lilly still talks about that cake!

Unknown said...

Great excuse for a party!! I love the balloons in the toy box idea! How cute!