Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tardy to my Party

YEP, seriously tardy to my own blog. My own life. Man, it's been a whirlwind. New job, side job has expanded to a sweet little business that I love! Busy is an understatement. I have no time to shop. OMG, didn't think I would ever say that. Who wants to shop for me? Seriously, come over, clean out my entire closet (all my closets) and buy me a new wardrobe please. Online shopping is where it's at. I also try to go local as much as I can. Not a TON of options around these parts though.

Quick catch up:
My little is in Kinder and lost her two front teeth. I feel old. My littlest LOVES preschool and could not be any cuter and more stubborn. Knocked a few things off of my list, but a few more to do and no time to do. Summer was fun, fall was crazy. We got a new kitten on our late dog's birthday. I'm actually ready for the holidays, a slower life and some snow. And maybe a vacation. :)

After seeing scary scenes happening around the world I'm just so thankful to be in a safe place and surrounded by family. I may have been pretty reluctant to move back to candyland after traveling much of the world, but man, it beats the alternative. I'll take the crazy in my life over the crazy around the world.

Keeping the peace, we only have one another, so be nice. My kids are tired of me saying that. Trying to make more time for my people. More days out, more one on one, more snuggles. So what if we spoil sometimes. Life can be a party.



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