Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More on Coconut Oil

Follow up to this post. YES oil pulling is good, works. No side affects, natural. Even talked to my dentist about it. They have been reading up on it as well and have found no negative results. I haven't been consistent enough to see what I want to fully accomplish (because I'm lazy and tired in the morning), but I'm going to make a better effort. I like the way it makes me feel and I have noticed slight positive changes when I'm actually doing it. I typically oil pull when I'm taking a shower or making beds and running around in the morning.

I do, however, use coconut oil daily to clean my face and get my makeup off in the evenings. It's wonderful! I love the way it smells, my skin feels amazing and I don't have blemishes. It's not clogging my pores. It makes me feel brighter.  Not sure it makes me look younger, but it definitely makes for a safe alternative to cleansers and works perfect!

We also still use it to moisturize my daughter's legs in the shower. She has eczema and it helps keep her from breaking out if we are consistent.

Overall, I will forever use it. It's great! HUGE benefit to me and my family so why stop? I started using this brand and I really like it. Buy in bulk. Will last awhile! (Try shaving with it... amazing!)


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