Monday, April 28, 2014

Yogi Up

Got back on my mat last week. Felt great, now to stick it in my routine. Been doing yoga off and on for years. Love the benefits. Love the time spent working on myself. The teacher makes a difference though. For me anyway. I had a good class! Thanks teach!
Chris Carter

As far as yoga gear goes, I have some, not top notch, but decent and not terribly old. I realized though, my mat is not thick enough and my knees hurt. So, I'm on the search. When did yoga mats get so expensive? Hmmm... or maybe I'm just cheap?

Top 5 according to Outside:
Jade Saffron
Prana Henna E.C.O.
Lululemon's Unmat
PurEarth 2 Eco
Magic Carpet

Also found Tomuno on Amazon. Great reviews. Anybody have a favorite?  I really super need to upgrade on some pants too. These are nice. (And off subject, but absolutely LOVING those shoes. Similar pair at J.Crew).

via Lululemon

or maybe colorblock? Cute!
via Anthropologie


Perhaps some poppyness??
Via Anthropologie

Some Monday meddling for ya.


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