Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sprucing my Kitch

Getting rid of my green cabinets SOON. (It's taking forever; life is busy and I like to have a full plan before I start). I'm incorporating black and gold. My dilemma? I change my mind 100 times a day or move stuff around so much that I have to start over. For instance, I bought chairs for my lil kitchen but now I have them in the dining room so that changed my direction a bit. To swag the light over the table or not? Round table or rectangle. The list goes on. And I have a small budget.

This image is what I go back to each time. These lights are what I reeeeally like, but can't afford. Story of my life. I hate having expensive taste, but I do love shopping for a bargain. I'm trying to find a look for less.

I bought this light to swag, but it may be too small so I'm on a search again. I have three lights to replace. One in the middle of the galley kitchen, one above the sink and one in the middle of the nook area which is pretty much the middle of the room; The Kitchen is an odd L shape and we have plaster all over so there will be no new electrical anytime soon. I either swag the light to a corner over a banquet or do two of the same lights like the above. My last post had a cool light too, but I need a table first. That will help me decide. 

And to paint the side low cabinets black or the window frames black? Hmmmm... decisions.

I will certainly keep you posted. In the meantime... Kitchen envy. :)


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