Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fixture Fun

So, I love this blog... Copy Cat Chic. Check it out if you've never stopped by. Today I found this light over there. It's somewhat similar to the one my dad help me make for Roan's room. Very cute!! Go get it! OR the wired one is cool too! (see pics below)

Roan's light created a fun element to his room since it was the original study of our house. Yes, I know I haven't shared much of the house yet; on my to do list. Pictures and lighting is is dark with all of the wood. (The picture below is courtesy of Meghan Hochgesang.)

I bought the sphere for Roan's light here and the light kit here. I LOVE the geo light though. If this would have been out before I made ours I would have snatched it up quickly.

Roan's light



I saw this on CCC's blog too. I'm super tempted. What do you think? hmmm, could be cool in my kitchen...


Fun DIY. Happy thursday! It's my favorite day of the week! 


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