Thursday, February 14, 2013

I love me some

Tis the season. Love holiday! Big plans? We are going to make homemade pizza in our kitchen with the kids and snack on some chocolate. Yo! Home is where the heart is, right? I love pizza! I love chocolate!

Loving our frequently lit fireplace. Love the stone around it. Love the wood amongst it. This house we bought, it's full of amazing things. I often get frustrated because things aren't done, but I have to sit back and really appreciate what we have.

We love the wood in this home. It's so incredible. I love all white walled homes though. White trim, white accents. This house is.not.white. that is for certain. But I love natural elements (hence, previous post) and I appreciate good things. We have a very unique home. It's filled with ornate wood finishes and trims. The darkness has been hard to get used to because I like white and bright. And you do not dare paint these walls. You just don't. I'm trying to brighten it up with light furniture and accessories and such.

There is an array of some fine woods and veneers that were refinished and cleaned up before we bought. Cherry, Brazilian Rosewood and White Oak flooring. Kelobra Ribbon striped, Pollard English Oak, Red Gum, Stump Walnut, African Mozambique, East Indian Satin wood and Birdseye Maple walls. The fireplace is wrapped in Cuban Mahogany. I mean, we live in "the wood capital of the world" here; this house was bound to be in this town. As much as I would LOVE to paint a room all white because it really would look amazing, I just can't do it; and my husband, among other wood lovers, would KILL me. So brighten with linens and whites and color we will do. In time. Stuff is expensive. Stuff that I like is expensive. ;) The kitchen was nicely redone, but it's not really my taste, so a quick fix will be cabinet painting, changing some fixtures, hardware and backsplash. The floor will have to wait. Later...I want to open it up and make it large and in charge. I love to cook. This kitchen makes it hard. It's tight and congested and has an electric stove. :( I miss my airy kitchen!

Will post pics soon. Stay with me. In the meantime... think about what you love and go love on your valentine. Look at my tiny valentines. How sweet is that pic!? (Our tub was being worked on. Sink baths are the BEST).

Enjoy your holiday and your peeps! xoxo


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Loved the looks so cute..:)