Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paint me

My green hall, my green kitchen cabinets, my purple bathroom...they are calling my name. Like now! They are currently decent colors, but not my taste. So it's time to narrow down some colors and go for it. I will probably buy several samples because, well, that's what I do. Although, I believe I've chosen a grey color for our kitchen cabinets. There are 1001 greys. I mean, come on.

The cabinets are currently green. A french green and there are golds and yellows everywhere in there. My high school colors were green and gold. Icannotgetoverthis! It has to change. Eventually, I would LOVE to demo the kitchen and reorganize the space. It needs to open up a bit. I miss my open floor plan and my stone counter tops and my gas stove A TON. For now, paint will go a long way. Yellow and grey will have to do. Green must GO.

You've seen the green before in this post. I am going to try and go for something like this... or perhaps a tad lighter.

Anxious to get'erdone! Keep you posted.


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