Monday, January 21, 2013

Hey, Play Time!

Play room ideas. I'm swimming in them, but trying to work around what we have for awhile. It's super fun to plan for though.  Check out these cool things. 

I LOVE this tent. Come on, we need a tent! That light is playful too. 

This is colorful! I dig the poufs. Moroccan is sort of my thing lately. I adore!

Cushions! Read, nap, play...super sweet!

I get super tired of cleaning and organizing and doing laundry. I just want to play with my kids. Having a playroom is SO awesome! I love having a space for them. And a bonus is that I can close the door and not see the mess. Perfect. Although, I will admit, I do like to organize the mess often. When did I become such a control freak!? sigh. Learn to let it go. Let them be kids, I know. Rory will clean after herself if asked to though. Throw it in a basket/drawer/closet and it's clean. Out of sight, can't be seen. I do the same thing, so I'm not really that obsessive-compulsive. I thought living in a bigger home with more space for stuff would help. Nope! Let's be honest, kids don't stay in there and they bring toys with them wherever they go. Even with a playroom, toys end up in very strange places. I cannot tell you which floor that sparkly barbie shoe is on and my son definitely had one in his mouth the other day. I probably threw it away or stuck it in a kitchen drawer after freaking out that Roan had it; and then stress a week later when I can't find it for my demanding 3 year old! Note to self, after the 6th birthday party we stick to college funds maybe...or perhaps just keep adding interesting books to the shelf. I can manage those.

But come on, who doesn't want a kickass playroom and fun things for their kid? How flipping cool are these?

 Maybe if the space is that awesome kids won't leave them? hmmm...


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