Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Outlook is good

HUGE slacker here, I know. I've been so busy with, whatta u call it? LIFE. Small town is busy, man. Happenings around here! Rory's been going to dance class, she probably grew an inch, she's eating like a horse and not sleeping well, Roan's been sick, he unpleasantly received three new teeth, has had two ear infections, has slept through the night twice in 10 months (yes, we are f***ing tired), did lots of baking, saw my brother, went to Nashville, got snow, went sledding, attended 101 holiday parties, Finn got hit by a car (he's OK), drank lots of homemade Kahlua, I turned older, had friends come in for a fun visit, made time for a girls gathering, finally figured out the fireplace, did nothing New Years Eve, slept a ten hour night thanks to my parents, daddy and Roan hiked, Rory and mommy shopped, preschool visits AND now...work, work, work. Did you get that?

I have nothing new to add other than I cannot wait to get our new couch (Merry Christmas to us). It's been awhile since I ordered it. Ready to have a living room. List of stuff that needs to be done in the new house? It's long, but we're tired. I'm tired. Coffee is really a special thing lately. Here is a small snapshot of life this past month and a half...

Our cozy fire
Our little hiker 
Our sweet baker
Our first xmas at our new home
Can't go wrong there. Was a pretty good year, people! Ready for 2013. A couple of fun things planned. Stay tuned.


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