Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mod Podge

Happy New Year! I meant to post the last several days but we've been a sick household. Lazy bed days and catching up on sleep. I took my holiday decorations down early this year. SO thankful I did. Zero energy. AND so grateful to have had a four day weekend.

Have you ever used Mod Podge? This made a fun gift. A friend sent me this link and this one. Mod Podge a photo onto a piece of wood. Or you can use canvas, which is what I'll try next. Super easy, super cute!

Mod Podge
Brush or sponge
Wood cut to picture size
Medium Gel (if you do the transfer option)
Paint or stain

I knew Grandparents would love it...so I shopped for the materials. Couldn't find the Gel, so we settled to do the Mod Podge only with an actual print. Then of course went to print some pics and the kiosk was down, so I had to go with a smaller picture at a different printer. Loved the size and the way it turned out. Great little xmas side gift.

Grabbed my xmas pic, printed about a 6x9 and had Klint cut pieces of wood to fit. Didn't go too thick with the wood; I wanted less bulky. I had him stain the wood a dark ebony and then I mod podged the picture on. Let it dry, put a hook on back (or little pegs to prop up would work great) and done. I took several pictures while working on this. My smart little child deleted them while playing with my phone. Sorry...but this is what I have left. You get the idea though...check out the links above to get more info.

One drying, one finished

More DIY work this week. Klint will probably start on a dresser we bought on craigslist for the kid's room. I'm excited for it. (Plus I'm ready to get their room in order). And I'm finishing up a baby crib for Rory's dolls. Will share later.


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Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

Your daughter is gorgeous! And I love the final result!

I can't find Mod Podge here, but I plan on finding the European equivalent and do type of project very soon - I have recently finished decorating my living room and there's a wall just screaming for a photo gallery ;-)