Friday, December 23, 2011

xmas outtakes

I've been taking pics of Rory since she was born. For memories of course, but practicing/brushing up on photog skills as well. We have little photoshoots together; she cracks me up. Each year for Christmas we try and get creative with our cards. It's fun for all, but after this one I'm begging Klint for a new printer (and a camera upgrade too please). I'm never satisfied with the computer image as my final view and I'd rather create them myself instead of sending off, etc. My usual procrastinating and meticulous qualities get the best of me; I rushed to finish and of course was not totally satisfied. They had to go out soon because there was a to do, run around, wrap, bake, clean, pack. They arrived, I quickly addressed and posted and THEN realized I needed 20 cents extra for each one because the damn silly cards were square shaped. I got ripped off! Figures. But they were still cute! See, that printer will come in handy and I can share the love and do cards throughout the year for all.

Posting some of our favorite xmas pics. I already have some fun ideas for next year with the boy. Not sure we will beat our first year though. Look at that chunky babe from 2009! So cute...

2010, the first snow of the season. Rory was mesmerized by the flakes. We had a five minute moment to grab some shots before work/daycare.

2011...our little 'deer' is growing so fast!
The boy has some competition next year! Happy Holidays all! Travel safe and have a great weekend!


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