Thursday, January 5, 2012

Craving color

And spring. A little. I know, we've barely hit winter. Or had any snow, though I welcome it. My daughter is ready to go...she's been wearing all of her snow gear inside and I have new all weather tires. Bring it! I think I'm just feeling a little large and gloom in my prego world as of late. I wear mostly black. My wardrobe is diminishing by the minute, swollen fingers and ankles are happening already, we have stuff astray in the house b/c of basement remodel and loads of work to do. Overwhelmed maybe. Yeah, a bit.

Loving green as of late. Makes me happy and I think of cheery spring. This cute purse popped up in my email the other day! Want! Though I should be practical and save up. I have a feeling I'll be needing a bigger bag soon. I prefer the nice oversized purse option instead of the diaper bag. You? Diaper bag is too fussy for me.
Tillary Purse
Sweet color, right? Maybe I can find a larger version. Or deep blue. I'm dying over blue too.

I found this on a quick mall browse today though at lunch... and since there was a 50% discount on sale items AND I had a $10 coupon I scored this $45 beauty for $1.59. More green in person, makes me even happier it was practically free! Yay, just a little color added to my life, winter worry went away for a bit. :)

Celia cocktail ring
Send me diaper bag big purse ideas if you have any. I'm so busy at work, zero time to browse as of late. Tmrw is FRIDAY! We are painting all weekend. Hmmm, that's why I'm needing color. I'm going all neutral on walls. How many whites, tans, greys and off whites can there be!? I have a million and one swatches of white taped all over the walls.


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Unknown said...

Just stumbled onto your blog and so glad I did! I am becoming a new follower for sure! Happy Weekend!