Thursday, September 29, 2011


Flew to San Francisco for an extra long weekend. One of my bestest gals got married!!! Three weddings in SF in one year! That's a record. Four CA trips in one year, I think I may sit next year out. I'm tired. Jet lag is an understatement. I felt unrested the entire trip, I couldn't even muster up energy to shop. We browsed which was nice. I drooled mostly over furniture. Clothes, saw good stuff, but wasn't eager to buy. Maybe I just missed my girl at home too much!

Was great to see old pals and my cousins, meet new peeps and experience the beautiful city once again. I think we hit every single neighborhood this trip, wedding, 80's party, several bars, hung out at the park, went to the coast, ate a lot, drank a lot  watched people drink a lot and finally got my husband to a Giant's game. He's been a long time fan and we missed games last fall by hours. Too bad I didn't take too many pics of our 80's gear. I went for the total nerd look. Awesome!

Saw this sofa while wondering around Hayes Valley. Want it or something like! My husband responds, "we need to get that couch when we no longer have pets in our home." :( that wasn't a very nice thing to say, but he's and cat would sneak up on there often. booo

Popped in Azalea Boutique as well. Ahhh, cool stuff. Saw a few things. Too expensive for my current budget, but adored enough to remember...

Much to catch up on. Especially blog reading. Did find time to see this post yesterday on Design Mom. Maternity clothing, ugh, I hated looking at them last pregnancy...I bought one pair of jeans, linen pants and a shirt, that's it. I was able to fit into summer maxi dresses and put my stretchy clothes to good use. Winter though, I have nothing! Asos has some cute stuff. We have yet another wedding coming up. I'm so thankful it's close to home...just a drive up the street. Loving this black beauty. Wondering how big my belly will be in November?? This is on sale!

This is cute too...little short maybe?

I'm thinking about it... shoot me a message if you know where to find some good belly clothing! I may just have to add two more pieces to my maternity wardrobe this year. ;)

Glad to be home, much to do. Catching up as fast as I can...


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