Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Clear Stuff

Not sure about you, but for some reason I adore Plexi Furniture. I've been dying for a little desk to hide somewhere in our house for the laptop. And I think the little kid chairs are adorable. Feels good for a small home b/c it's not so bulky and/or showy. It sort of disappears. Expensive though...and could be falling off the market a bit, maybe? Harder to find around town now. Buying something with reclaimed wood might make me feel better, but I can still like clear acrylic a whole lot...
CB2 peekaboo console

Lights! Love love love clear glass fixtures. They were impossible to find when I was in search of them last year and/or way out of my price range. Not frosted, not textured, no waves, no color, just plain clear glass people! Now they are showing up in a few more places. Go figure. The traditional style will forever be a part of my home in some form. But I see a lot of industrial and modern looking ones too...which I love. Would buy any of these from West Elm!! 

Industrial Pendant
Rustic Jars

Some beautiful finds here...several clear glass choices. All hand crafted. Sign up for their catalogue.
Schoolhouse Electric Period Lighting Fixtures

Sundance Pendant Vintage handblown glass

CB2 Firefly Pendant lamp
Anthropologie Decanter Lamp

Our 1920's home has all the original doorknobs. Would NEVER change them, my fave! They look like this ...
Anthro Diamond-Cut Doorknob
Anthropologie has great hardware! :) Many choices. Can't wait to start shopping them for the old dresser I'm my husband is going to refinish for kids room! 

DIY clear Anthropologie hardware
What clear gear do you love? 


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Unknown said...

I purchased an acrylic chair and am obsessed with it! I have it at the white lacquer desk in my bedroom where I put my makeup on.