Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy Beeeee

What's going on here. LOTS. Double ear infection, missing cat, scratching dog, potty training, plans of adding on to our home, discussions of selling one of our homes, will it sell? will we have to wait to add on? planning the reorganization of entire home to fit baby, debating on finding out sex of baby, switched over to Direct TV, football, adding to my "what do we need" list, planning trip to San Fran this weekend, deciding what to wear (or what actually fits) to wedding, to 80's party and what else to pack for wknd, Dr's appts all around, missing work, catching up at work, nervous about lice breakout at daycare (so far so good), water filter shopping, lawn watering, excessive cleaning (yes the OCD has started already)...

The mini vaca will be nice. The easiest decision lately is what to eat. I can eat almost anything in site. Will probably have to blog inspiring thoughts when my mind is fresh from the west coast. So, till then...will leave you with this little sweet pea pic. She makes all the craziness worth it. Rory was playing dress up while mommy was trying on clothes last night. 

In mommy's tank top ("my pretty dress") styling her wooden doll 

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Unknown said...

Double ear infection at my house too. The little one is not a happy camper these days!