Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Suit UP

I'm in search of a swimsuit. I always rely on J. Crew, but this year I don't want to spend a lot on something I wear like three times; and I'm not finding one I'm in love with from their collection. NOTHING I own fits me. I mean seriously, post baby body is weird. Fortunately, smaller, but weirder. It's like every bottom sags or my bottom sags. Smaller chest...oh yes, breast feeding is so nutritious but kills the figure.
Crew's Luxe Amber

H&M had some cute ones, but I had to grab a bigger size in one bikini to cover a bit more bun.  Is it just me or is everything on the cheaper side so incredibly teensie tiny?  AND I'm afraid if I go bigger it will fall off when it's wet! That would make a great family vacation story. Yikes.

I adored the burnt orange bandeau top & bikini I bought at H&M, but no straps. I need a strap for backup. Carrying toddler in arms will most likely result in some sort of boob mishap. I think I'm making returns today. Back to the search... have you seen anything cute and affordable?

Smoldering Brick

Oh well, J. Crew, might just have to go back to your reliable basics. I'm liking this suit in the brick color. Not loving, but...really likable.

Off to Pilates. Beach in one month!



Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

So funny how much the body changes after baby. I had to get all new suits last year. My friend Marysia just sent me one of the suit from her collection though and I love it. It's a one piece which is so nice for playing with Lilly.

Allison said...

I LOVE her collection. Beautiful. Thx for sharing. hmmm, Maybe I should try some one pieces on this year.