Friday, May 20, 2011


Indianapolis Bike To Work Day today. Oh how I should have. People who are responsible, is it seriously necessary to tear up every single main road in downtown Indianapolis this summer? We probably won't even get the Super Bowl! O M G... it is quite ridiculous how many sidewalks and roads are in pieces at the moment. You could work on some of the pot holes in Broad Ripple. That would be great. k. thx. bye.

OK, trying to tell me something ... we are biking all weekend long! If it's not raining 24/7. Maybe we should just fill the streets with water canals and call it Amsterdam as much rain as we've had, lack of roads and all the bikes around the circle today. It could happen, Indy, more bike trails please!!!! I adore the Netherlands; wishing I could go back after reading Design Mom this week. Visit her.

Check out some of these cool commuters. LOVE love love. I'm in search of a basket/storage bin for my hybrid.
This one looks like mine. I need that basket!

Sweet Townie SMG!
See, you can ride your bike in heals!

And a skirt (in Amsterdam...ok, I'm dreaming)

Now this is rad! Holy bucket!

Madsen Cargo Bike

Seriously cool ride

  Happy trails...



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