Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wknd Recap

What did we do all weekend? Spent loads of time in the car. We visit family often, but this weekend was crazy. Drove back and forth to each of our parents and then to Indy and back to parents and back to Indy... We had good quality family time though and fit in a few parties and showers and such.

Had a tiny bit of time for pool and friends too. Check out these watermelon cuties! What could be more fun?

I think my little chunky monkey had a blast!



Meredith said...

I want to eat Rory's thighs like a piece of watermelon. Is that wrong? Sorry for being your weird friend, but everyone has to have one. Right?

Allison said...

Ha, thought of you when I posted this! No joke, she looks more edible than usual in these pics! ;)