Thursday, March 31, 2011

feel a deal

I have expensive taste, but my wallet doesn't always allow me to follow through.  Me like to splurge sometimes!  Adding a third member to our family has kept me on a tighter budget though.  So, always looking for a great deal!  If you have a little girl you know how fun it is to shop for girly stuff!  I love my emails from zulily.  I've found some great things.  Cute rug for Rory's room, a car seat, some gifts, scarf for myself...  I bet Rory would look super cute in this lil' raspberry number!  She needs it, don't you think?

Freckles + Kitty
...and maybe for spring she wants this?  She already has cute rain boots she cannot wait to wear!

Happy's almost here!  I hope we've seen the last of the snow. PLEASE, let's hope.



Lauren said...

Rory definitely needs both of those...and I am thinking L & D do as well! Love the blog!

Abbie Rumbach said...

LOVE zulilly! I'm also a Gilt Group, HauteLook & MiniSocial addict!

Allison said...

yes, yes & yes! And I missed my window on the umbrella. You must have beat me to it ladies.