Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm blogging!  I only wanted to start three years ago... also my new year's resolution for 2011.  I'm there, made it! A few months late...let's see if I can keep it up. Those of you that know me well realize I'm not really a 'money honey' at heart, but that's what kind of career I'm stuck in at the moment. :) :(  Many fun things I want to share and do; and I need a creative outlet at my Indianapolis home on 52nd street.  Soooo here we goooo.

On to it then, right?  My husband Klint (yes with a "K" family/friends get it right already will ya) and I's second anniversary is this weekend. Holy smokes, that flew by!  Rory, our sweet little tot has kept us quite busy.  Our old home too.  We tinker a bit.  April also marks the month of our very first date... 15 years ago!!  awww, whoa, that did not fly by.  ;)  xxxoo love ya K!  

So we celebrated by spending a night at West Baden last weekend.  Close to our little hometowns = free sitters! Yippeee!  What a lovely time.  We splurged with a balcony room and the anniversary package.  It was luxury.  We weren't at the beach but was a much needed, relaxing date!  I'm impressed French Lick...everything has come a long way.  Klint and I enjoyed relearning the history and the food and the pool and the wine and the late breakfast...ahhhh, to sleep in again.  So nice.  We spent most of our time at the Dome, but explored the other hotel and nosed around a bit.  If you do not know the area, haven't seen it, worth a drive to southern Indiana folks.  The history and scenery and such is pretty cool.  Seeing how far the town has come the last several years is really something!   Need to go back and let Rory ride the train!  We all went to French Lick to ride it as a kid.  I mean it's nothing like the ride I've had across Europe, but I'll never forget that  ride as a kid!  Great memory to have.

Very few pics, but will share some.  I made Klint take my picture b/c he never does and I hate to have it taken and I hog the camera mostly, BUT I needed something for my blog profile.  I directed him to direct me; we got nothing people.  Another time, another place.  We were also playing with my new iPhone and some apps... lost some cute ones trying to figure things out.  I am super happy about my phone though, finally, yay, love!  
nose disappeared
eyes ALWAYS closed
stud pose

i'm freeeee
see the floor?
To a great year!!  I also celebrate my EIGHTH year at Emmis Publishing in a couple of weeks. Wow, April is historic for me this 2011. 


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