Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A new year

Hi 2015. Hoping for a good year! The last month kicked me in the ass. Literally with flu bugs, (yes that's plural) ear infections, overtired all around, laziness. Been sucked in by the winter blahs. I need a new, fresh, optimistic year. Feeling defeated. Maybe it's the weather? Where is our snow? I'd rather have sun or snow in this January gloom. No more rain please!

Looking to do several new things this year. So, what do you want to see from 52? Or rather, where should I take it? With Ali n M Photography happening, I'm trying to figure out direction and time management. And while I'm figuring out web building on my own time, hit us up on our Facebook page if you want to schedule anything or have questions. We will be more professional soon. :)  We just booked some sport stuff in Spring and Summer but want to do Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter mini sessions. We'll spread that news soon. Send me a message if you want to be on our email list.

2015... to more family time, more friend time, more cooking, more outdoor play, more adventures, more risk. Perhaps new recipes, new hobbies, volunteer. New chores. There is always a list. Most importantly, being more present to my husband and kiddos.

Here's to dreaming into the future. Happy belated New Year!


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