Friday, November 7, 2014

Story of a Photo

We've slightly launched our business. Ali 'n M Photography. Ali is me, M is Mandy. Both passionate about photography for a long time. Guilty of snapping an obnoxious amount of pics. A side gig has been our goal for years. Bare with us as we get to business.

Website coming up in 2015, but you've seen a few sneak peaks. (Message me if you want quick holiday pics). Here are several more of my family in the golden light on the last full day we were able to snuggle and kiss our fourteen year old Labrador, Finn. I snagged him as a puppy from my photography professor in college. This is a tribute to him. Thank you M, whom Finn adored; we needed some laughter and play that day.

leaf play

the joy of nature
stuffing face

Finny, we wouldn't have found you if I hadn't pursued my love for photography. Thank you to my professor, Ali, for giving us so much joy in our awesome Finnegan (his lab dad was ironically named Finnegan too). Ali had two black labs that accidentally bred and 9 pups needed good homes. How do you choose from so many cute puppies? The one that runs to you, licks your face and loves you unconditionally of course. I believe in signs. Pretty certain I was meant to take pictures and we were meant to have Finnegan.

And now that I start pursuing my passion a bit, our Finn has gone. We miss you gentle giant. Thank you for giving us so much love! You were family.

To Mandy and I, photography is capturing the joy, love of life and family in it. It should be fun! Let your kids play, be yourselves. The best photos are the candid moments. Life.


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