Tuesday, July 29, 2014


So, I traded in my old camera for a used camera in the model I wanted. I also switched from Nikon to Canon and swapped out my lenses. BEST decision ever! I love my new camera and lens. Now on the search for my second lens.

You ever wonder why it costs so much to get good photography? Because editing and downloading and sifting through pics takes FOREVER! ;) Especially if you're me and take 1000 pics at a time. Though, if you get your light right and your people right you won't have to edit much...which is my goal. I fell in love with the camera in the dark room. So getting it all right up front was so important!

A few shots I just downloaded. #unfiltered and #unedited. I will edit a bit, but I was thrilled with my new lens results. Look at these sweet faces.

I mean, come on. Cute kids!


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