Thursday, January 16, 2014

Treat Yourself

Massage last week. Chiropractor this week. Painted my nails. Got my hair done, dyed, did. Granted, I couldn't move my head or pick up my child so the massage and chiro thing was completely necessary. The nails were a bonus. The hair was in serious need of styling and shine. After a three hour salon appointment and some major TLC, I am not surprised to be feeling pretty rad today. Take it upon yourself to do something nice, for yourself. Be spontaneous. I told my new hairdresser to do whatever she wanted to me! Yikes. Loved her. Love it. I think. Also having sushi tonight with girls only. Bonus!

Now for you...treat yourself to this little sweetness. Seriously, if you do not follow Momma's Gone City on Instagram you must do so NOW. It is a such a special thing to see. I feel super fortunate to have ALL of these pleasures in life. Cosmetic ones are great, health, food, fun with others, technology, but these treats...

...these are the real deal! Now go adopt a puppy or have a baby or get a massage or do something nice for yourself! :)


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