Monday, May 7, 2012

Momma's Day

8 weeks and counting...I get 12 weeks of maternity leave. It's flying by. I'm so thankful to get all this time with my bebe. Work is overrated. :) Love being home with my littles. Yeah, some day it's hard as hell, some days I can only handle one kid at home; I have zero time for anything, but Roan is growing fast and starting to get on somewhat of a schedule. We're getting there. And when they're sweet, it's so extra awesome! Granted, there are moments I could pull my hair out. Stay at home moms have the hardest and most rewarding job ever!

If I was fortunate enough to stay home I'd probably become a shopaholic! I've seen so many great things while browsing through catalogues in between feedings & laundry, running by stores and eye balling colorful threads on my 'one hour' errands when alone. Glad my body isn't quite back yet. Well, not glad, but you know...a new piece of something always makes you feel better. I'd have spent my credit limit in the five minute browsing trips! Great stuff this season!

I made it into Anthropologie the other week. It was perfect, Roan was asleep in the stroller, Rory was at daycare, I had one hour to shop. I grabbed several cute things and lots of sale items to try on. The second I got into the dressing room my little man started screaming. :( ready to eat...again, really, you just ate? I had no time to indulge. sigh. I'm not one of those people that can buy without trying on.

Mom's day is coming... how cute are the goodies below? As much as I wanted to try on those clothes, some colorful jewelry would feel good too! I should have checked it out while I was at the store.

These days, new stuff AND actually old stuff is like gold. I cannot even find my summer shoes. Basement remodel, moving rooms around, tiny little closets, I have things stuffed in corners, in the garage, in bins, under beds...the joy of bungalow living. :) I need a month and a shopping spree to reorganize my wardrobe. Creating extra space and $ for a new little bean is well worth it though. Love being a mom :)

Happy Mother's Day week!!!


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