Monday, March 19, 2012

Little pieces

Kiddos room coming together. Still so much to do and cannot fully be done until basement is ready for toys and such. But will share a few things I've thrown in their sweet tiny space...

Yep, changed my mind on Rory's bedding (what's new and the other was dry clean only. NOoooo thx)

Pretty ivory ruffles for a very girly girl

pink for the lady
grey for the boy
Framed the prints up. Added the dresser (the finish is still not done, but it looks good the way it is for now).
wood bins

touch of blue
little pattern
some fur

Some blue, some grey, some pink, lots of naturals. An old leather suitcase for storage. Gold vintage mirror. Velvet curtains. More later....will share pics when we're able to finish.

plush blanket

Basement first, then I can make some progress. 'Bean' will sleep in his bassinet for a bit anyways. Surprisingly, I'm not in panic mode. We make do with our little bungalow and Rory is very excited to share her space. AND.... baby boy has arrived!!! I wrote this last week to post on Wednesday but baby came in the middle of the night, finally home on Friday, but then sick husband, another disaster in the house (what's new) and now sick Rory. :(  Will share more soon! For now, we all need rest.


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