Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY Dresser

What would you do? Bought this oak dresser on craigslist for the kid's room. (Also using as changing table).


After stripped & sanded
Sorry, not best light
In bedroom, different lighting, with knobs that I found. (it's a bit lighter than the picture appears here)

We were going to do this with it ...
Design Sponge
 ...but I'm not sure painting it is the best idea on such a great piece? Thoughts? It's oak so we won't get it to look exactly like the above.

Bedroom is painted BM classic grey, so very pale/neutral. Stone curtains with white layered curtain behind them. Gold vintage mirror will hang above the dresser. Rory's bedding below. Both beds are a vintage white.

What do you think? Paint, stain, oil? Go with our original plan and see how it comes out? I hate to paint it and then regret b/c my husband spent so much time sanding it. The top is a bit marked up so I even thought of just painting the top. I'm torn. If our floors were darker I'd probably just oil it and leave as is b/c the rustic look is kinda cool. I do love the above painted dresser though. Have you worked with oak before? Feedback please...



Mrs. Schnelder said...

It's gorgeous the way it is so my vote is either stain or oil. Don't paint this beauty! Let her shine!!!

Mandy Howard said...


Shannon Jahn said...

Love as it is. Once you put a pad on top for the changing table, you wont see the marks. Plus I think the marks add character. Put some linseed oil, if you haven't already (hard to tell.)

Allison said...

OK, I think we're going to oil and/or leave alone. Shannon, your mom told us about linseed, but we won't have time for that. Baby will be here before it's done with all the applications it would need. I'll repost when we're done! Thx for the comments!