Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top Bebe Stuff

This boy is coming soon. March 20th is go time, but he may just be a leap year baby. Dr visit yesterday, dilated already. Yikes! We'll see. I'm not ready, so much to do. Work was so busy that I am behind at home. Now that I have had a bit of a breather the last couple of days I can finish nesting. (While my husband works on, no way it will be done, but BIG progress).

Most of the baby gear is out and ready, bedroom almost together. Will post pics soon. Dresser still in the works. You see, I always have trouble making up my mind. This child will probably not have a name for two days!

What are your favorite baby items!??  Must haves for me thus far....hmmm, wonder if it will change with second babe?

Dr Brown      Moby      Aveeno      aden+anais      LilyPadz      Corona      

Dr Brown glass bottles worked the best for us. We'll see what this baby likes. Sticking to glass though.

The Moby Wrap is comfy. Excited to wear again, but am trying the Bjorn as well. Didn't have one before.

Rory broke out with everything except Aveeno. I tried all organic and unscented products. Aveeno was best for her. We'll see what works, but holding out on Aveeno for now.

aden + anais swaddles are amazing.  If you don't have, must get. Love love love them! Soft, big, light, perfect. Rory still uses hers for herself and her babies. They wash well and last forever.

LilyPadz prevent leakage. Enough said.

Corona Ointment has been used in my fam for years. Ok, this one is weird, but it works. It's used on horses. Yes, I know, but it's the best product for a sore tush. Tried all butt products and came back to the good old animal salve.

Have any faves? Share with me. Making a list of things I need to grab yet. Time snuck up on me....running out of it!!!!


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Meredith said...

My boys wouldn't survive without the Graco Nasal Aspirator (gross):

Since the boys are part woodchuck, their crib would be a pile of dust if not for this:

And, of course my ErgoBaby:

Can't wait to meet the little dude!