Thursday, January 19, 2012


This morning I received an email about a yoga retreat in Bali. I think it's a sign. I've been wanting to do this for years now. Anyone want to join me? Maybe a closer destination and obviously a later date. Sounds amazing. Meditation, yoga, organic food, spa, maybe a little beach time...

I tried to get my Zen on last week at a prenatal yoga class. It's not Bali, but it sure does my body good. Ran to my car after a much needed hour of bliss during a rainy evening. Turned the key and it sounded like Nascar. OMG...yeah, my car was making that noise. My husband was convinced someone stole my catalytic converter. (The device that converts the toxic exhaust into less harmful compounds. They are stolen frequently around the city.) What? I was furious! Who does that? To a pregnant woman, while in yoga! My $15 class was going to cost us our insurance deductible. In daylight, when we were able to check, he realized it was a part to the muffler that went bad (something like that), thankfully cost much less. I felt guilty for cussing out the not-so-perfect neighborhood, but still, I was robbed of my peaceful moment. Honestly, this stuff happens to me often so I thought for sure it was my luck.

Another week, another class. I think I'll go for a Sunday afternoon this time. After baby, I'm shopping me some new gear and getting my vinyasa and hot yoga back on. Have you been to lululemon yet? A store opened close to us. I'm anxious to get in there.

Love the stripes! Here's to getting daily peace back into my life.   :)


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Mrs. Schnelder said...

Check out One of my best friends (Danelle's too) runs it with her husband. John and I are going for our 3rd visit in 2 weeks. It's amazing and I'm sure a fraction of the cost to go to Bali.