Monday, June 6, 2011

See, it happened!

Bathing suit dilemma continued. Kept an H&M suit thinking... it's cute enough, it'll work or maybe I can find another before our beach trip. Yep, this weekend I flashed what felt like hundreds of people at Splashin' SAFARI's little tike area. I tried like hell to get around a boy when flying down a tiny slide with Rory. While also wildly avoiding the submersion of my child, we scraped our knees, gulped some water and I stood up unknowingly with my boob hanging out. Oh yeah, facing all the parents watching their children go down the slides. Maybe a one piece is a better option while acting like a child with my child? Thx little man who took his sweet time off the slide. ;)  It's ok, Rory was laughing. At least it was fun for her!

I'm thinking she and I both need a stylish one piece to keep us covered up a bit at the beach. We are also still on a hat search. Suggestions?

This is kinda sweet for my little bean.
Mulberribush Coral

For me, maybe
Italian Jersey


Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

I'm sorry, but that is quite hilarious :) Yes, I've found that one pieces are much more handy and safe when I'm chasing after Lilly.

Allison said...

Story of my life...nothing goes as planned. :) My mom was right by us and she didn't even notice! Was funny to her too. I think I set myself up. ha