Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Out of town over the weekend, worked late last night = empty fridge.  No fresh food.  Random things going on in there.  Rory is starving by the time we get home so I usually have to prepare quickly or have something in mind before she scarfs down snacks.

hmmm, what I had:  red onion, garlic cloves, green onion, a lemon, an orange, an apple, almond milk, sour cream, vegan cheese, condiments... What am I going to make?  Then I opened the freezer and remembered I had bought some homemade red pepper noodles.  Sweet!  Rory loves those.  Local peeps, Nicole Taylors Pasta and Market.  Go there, get it done!  Takes only a few minutes to cook and all of the flavors we've tried we've loved!  OH, I also snatched up the frozen peas from the freezer.

What was in the pantry?  2 cans of beans, one can of tuna, rice, crackers...  grabbed the tuna.  Took out my lemon and started to chop onions and mince garlic.   Sauteed onion and garlic with a little olive oil in a skillet while I boiled some water for noodles and peas.  Both the peas and noodles only need a little time to cook, so they do well together.

Turned down stove for skillet, added tuna and half of squeezed lemon to onions and garlic.  Threw noodles and peas into boiling water.  Spices...grabbed red pepper flakes, basil, salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Add a tad of each to tuna.  I also threw in about a teaspoon of butter.  Noodles & peas done in 5 minutes.  Drained & tossed into my tuna mixture.  Wallah!  Done in about 13 minutes.  AND not much to clean up!  :)

Added some Parmesan cheese and a teensie bit of course sea salt... pretty good.  I had to restrain myself from having seconds.

The best part... Rory loved it!  This is how I keep her nice and plump.  Healthy mix.  Not a lot of oils, protein, little bit of veggie, garlic and the red pepper pasta was not from a box!  win win

She cleaned her plate and left some on the floor for the dog.  Finn liked it too!  Happy cooking...


p.s.  Try it with meatballs (any kind) instead of tuna and substitute fresh diced tomato instead of peas.  Sometimes we throw it over a small bed of mixed greens lightly covered in balsamic.  Fantastic!

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