Wednesday, April 6, 2011

new or old?

I love vintage stuff.  I also adore a modern look.  So mix it up.  My antiques have a story; I love that!  Cool old wingback chair in my living room that needs reupholstered; let's just call her Lana.  Now covered in a drab colored slip, but so over her.  She needs new fabric, stuffing, of my DIY projects on the infamous 'to do' list.  Recently I've decided to keep it for a winter weather task and maybe grab a course so it's properly done.  Translate:  Procrastinating, will probably staple my hand to Lana, she will come out lopsided and I will yell at my husband for not getting it right...even though he didn't help. ;)  YES, better get trained so she and husband are cared for appropriately.

Lana is so boring and uncomfy.  I can't stand her anymore.  So maybe, I should temporarily replace her with this Urban treat until I actually accomplish my goal... I think I like the charcoal color b/c I'm a neutral queen and it will look pretty with the sheepskin rug that was gifted to me.  (My new things have stories too!)  I like color in accessories.   Scour the sale room at Anthro for cool pillows.  They do go on sale now and then!  OH, and Indianapolis folk, we're getting an Urban Outfitters this year!!!  Scored inside scoop last night!  weeeeeee

Urban Outfitters chair, Anthropologie pillows, Pottery Barn rug

 p.s. If you like this post check out Cowboy Jack Vintage!  :)  Good stuff. Girlfriends, we should do a clothes swap!


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Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Love these finds. especially the rug :) Have fun at the wedding this weekend.