Tuesday, February 4, 2014


4. You are an old soul that can be slightly dramatic. You are a very artistic person that loves to express yourself through writing, music, art or some kind of expression. You are a dichotomy; for you can be very open and friendly, yet closed and deeply private. You often have your guard up, keeping your thoughts and troubles to yourself. Although you might think that nobody will truly understand you, if you allow yourself to open up and share your feelings, you will feel so much better. Deep down you are not aright with any imperfections and you feel the need to come across as “the rock” in any group situation. Know that people are willing to share their feelings with you and want you to share your feelings with them.

It's somewhat right. Which one are you? This intrigued me today because I cannot wait to paint my front door! We are going with something like the number I chose actually. Maybe that's why I chose it? Bringing out the Patina in my gutters! Yay, more color in my life! Spring here we come... (but I'm ready to get to the mountains for a quick holiday first). Happy February my friends.


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