Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aging Gracefully

You know you're old when you see a New Kids On The Block shirt in the "vintage" section.

So, I just decided I need to buy more eye cream this weekend. And I realized yesterday I have to dye my hair more often. Grays and wrinkles be damned! Perhaps I should start looking better with age, like the always loved/hated Gwenyth. This means I need to get off my yoga hiatus, drink a ton of water and sleep more. Hard to do when you are nocturnal by default.

My eyes get worse each year. I will say, my pregnancies weren't so bad and my body recovered pretty quickly (thanks to mother nature and all of the stairs in my house), but I need to shape. And the top area, well, those are just gone. I had to buy an underwire padded swimsuit this year. sigh.

In an effort to stay on the healthy bandwagon we are doing a CSA again this year. It's awesome! I'm SUPER looking forward to fresh foods and farmer's markets. Here's to looking like I did when I loved me some NKOTB back in the day!  Vintage my ass. Hmm, wonder where my t-shirt went that I had? I could make some bucks off that baby today.


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