Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday a mode

Totally getting into the mood for the holidays. I'm never in the mood this early. I think not having to travel this year will be quite nice. Although, I kind of wish we were headed to the beach or out west to see my brother and his family for a quick sunshine holiday getaway. (Miss you guys).

So, I'm furniture shopping. Like mad. We need everything. So much that it's quite silly. Couches... tufted, linen, clean lines, oversized, nail heads, skirt, no skirt, legs, modern, traditional. wth. I need two of em. Can't decide. Go figure. Who wants to come over and help? I love to do this stuff, but for some reason this house is making me crazy! ;) Probably because we have a ghost. Really, during Halloween, there was some weird stuff going on.

Back to the subject. Holidays = Entertaining. Well maybe not this year with no furniture to sit on because I can't make a fricken decision. But really, we could possibly be ready for some drink parties! And/or out of town friends/family to visit. Yes, please do. We miss you people. We LOVE to entertain. I can't wait to host fun stuff in this house. After I get furniture it could quite possibly be a ton of fun. Decorating for the season will be awesome. We have a beautiful staircase. I am already thinking of ideas and organizing my house to make room for a huge tree. So you may come over for drinks and see nothing but a tree in our living room. That's cool right? Makes for more drinks and less chance of making a mess on new furniture!!!

Cool things I've seen as of late. Any of you stirring up ideas yet?



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Christy {SparklesandSpinach} said...

New to your blog and just wanted to say Hi! I have been majorly into the Holidays already as well! Like the second it got cold here I was pinning tons of Christmas ideas on Pinterest! Ha!! Have a great week =)


Hi Allison, I can understand how much you miss the entertainment and your friends. xo
~ Mehul
Architectural Stone

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