Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Half Empty?

Our new home is amazing...empty but half full! We need furniture. We could fit our entire old house into the upstairs of our new house. Anyone want to help me design????? I'm overwhelmed!  We have 4 floors to organize and fill. Whew.

How pathetic is this picture? No furniture, tiny TV, cute kids tho.

It's going to be a fun house to furnish. There is a different type of wood and finish in each room. Cool history. Many nooks here and there, lots of rooms and storage. Beautiful landscaping. 40 some stairs. (My legs are getting back in shape fast). Pictures don't do justice. Come visit!!! We have room this time. We cannot wait to grow and entertain here! Roan's room is first on my list. I need a rug, a few things to fill it. His room was the original study. It's very masculine, but will make a really cool nursery. Pics soon. Stay tuned...


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