Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa is scary

We took Rory to Christmas on the Farm at Trader's Point Creamery last weekend. (Sorry for the late post, are you as busy as we are)? What an enjoyable time with some of my girlfriends the year before so I was excited to go with my lil' family. We love hanging out there throughout the year for the atmosphere and food; and the trees, hills and farm bring us close to childhood memories. Family trip, hot chocolate, Santa, real reindeer and a sleigh-hayride! Can it get any better than that? Well, it was just okay this round. Very crowded, hot food was cold, line for Santa was WAY long, had to fight said line to get to kid crafts, 30 minute wait for tractor ride, no reindeer this year, Rory hated Santa and she was terrified of the cows. Guess she's a city girl at heart. However, we did devour the hot chocolate and the atmosphere was awesome as usual so a good day in all. TPC, bring back the reindeer next year! The Elk didn't really give me that Christmasy feeling.

And no, I do not have a picture of Rory sitting on Santa's lap screaming her head off. Apologies to those of you that do that, but we don't want to scar her or give Santa a heart attack...she has some serious lungs. ;) We skipped over him and told her he's nice and jolly and if she's good he'll bring surprises at Christmas. Rory says, "I don't want Santa at my house!" Oh well. We'll try again next year. She loves to bake, so I'm thinking if we make Santa some fun cookies she may think he's less scary? We'll see.

The group from last's a J.Crew ad  ;)

This year. Mama and her girl...                                                  Daddy and his girl...

Happy Holidays! I cannot believe xmas is less than ten days away! Work is mad busy, not quite done shopping or wrapping, need to prepare to leave town once again and have to bake those cookies so Santa can come to our house. You'll hear from me later...xo


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