Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Perfect Chaos

After an emotional week we decided to stay busy. This past weekend was bedroom swapping so we can fit two kiddos into one room. How did we ever end up with so much stuff and where are we going to put it? We would have been better off moving into a bigger house. (I hinted for quite some time; husband didn't catch on, but we do love our home). Look at this mess in the midst of it and that's just the dining room clutter!!! Scary when you can barely find your child in the house. Where's Rory?

Did you find her?

My Dad also wired in some new plugs, cables and lights and worked his tail off for us again. Nothing is ever an easy task in our bungalow. We have holes in walls (due to old home issues per usual), spackling all over, toys array and accessories spread in corners. Not sure where our Christmas tree will fit this year? Planning and arranging for new baby is crazy in a two bedroom home, but we shall manage. Adding on is not going to happen, but basement detail is on the arise; However, getting a contractor or anyone for that matter to get back to us for a bid is IMPOSSIBLE. What is up people? Quit leading us on, you have an anal pregnant lady growing by the hour that is starting to flip out! I'm swollen from all the chaos and that is not cool. Watch out or I will start calling you myself. My husband has been quite patient (and tolerating my behavior thus far). Not sure how I'll do when we actually get started and have to move everything from the basement to the dining room, the yard, the garage? Not a clue where it will end up. I will lose my shit sanity eventually.

Now that the crib is set up Rory is asking for the baby. She wants "bean" now. I told her he's still cooking and he'll come around in March. Sunday night while putting Rory to sleep she says, "Momma, where is that baby? Is he cooking french fries in there!" haha... I lost it. She is hilarious! And I love her dearly for being a perfect angel while we were decluttering, cleaning and organizing. Amongst the craziness, she played with every toy, clothing and accessory in sight while feeding her babies and her cat. :) Kitty let her cuddle her with a blanket, feed her with a bottle and a spoon for at least an hour. I'm shocked Rory walked away without a scratch.
Notice outfit: summer dress, leggings, warmers on her arms, butterfly wings upside down, tank top and at one point she had on a hello kitty fedora, large yellow earrings and a scarf as a sash. I'm lucky she loves accessories. 
 We had a very productive weekend thanks to the help of my parentals. Couldn't have done it without them. Looking forward to seeing it all come together. Loving the rooms thus far, found sweet bedding for Rory so that helps me figure out the rest of their room. Paint colors, curtains, details, etc....yay to finally getting to work on the fun stuff. Boo to all the disasters that come out of improving our sweet home. Sorry Mom. Rear ended in her new vehicle minutes after she left us. Go figure. We always hit some bad luck during or after a project. Thankfully she is fine. Onto more home improving. I'm sure fixing out our basement will bring us some awesome surprise. But let's hope this baby does not arrive early and stays a cookn'. We have work ahead of us and I have no time to flip my lid!


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