Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I wish

Have you created a wish list on any of your favorite sites yet? Oh, it's a great idea for loved ones who have no idea what to get you. I have some, but we most desperately need furniture, a new TV, a water softener, a water filter, a new vacuum, a new basement, a new mudroom, a new car...basically BIG stuff. "want" lists will have to wait this year. It's still fun to look though! ...and wish :)

Stella & Dot...1.2.3. go! I did their wish list one year and got some beautiful jewelry. I never buy myself nice bling. This was a sweet surprise, especially since I forgot what I had picked out! Few things I likey now...

Free People, people...yep. LOVE em. Create and then sign up to win your wish list!!!! Sweeeet. I like this bag and this dress and all of their jewelry that I cannot afford. The cuffs are really cool.

 Anthropologie. I always have a want wish list here. Oh, can you tell I like this color?

Uh, Etsy of some favorites and share with the family. It makes shopping a bit easier for everyone. OR just go to AMAZON. Yep...
Wish from Any Website: Your Wish List Is Universal
Holy Cow...can I add a car on here? I think so! iPad, TV, shoes, coffee table books, socks...maybe I'll be a lucky winner and walk away with some of my wishes. Big prizes here! Check it out. This could be fun.



Interior Design Pro said...

The earrings will top anybody's lists. Very beautiful. It topped mine!

Unknown said...

All wonderful items for a wish list! Gorgeous jewels!

Blogger said...

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