Friday, October 21, 2011

Small Spaces

I started organizing, purging, creating ideas in my head for the best possible way to use each space in our home. It's small, if we're not completely organized and things are scattered it feels incredibly cluttered. Adding another child to the mix makes it even more difficult. Kids come with a lot of gear! We shall manage a few more years. "The average American has too much stuff". So I'll keep sticking to those thoughts and convince myself we have enough room to get by. We will be minimalists! Closet space is next to nothing in our bungalow. First thing up...maximize the space. We're having them updated and shelved and all that good stuff. Then we are swapping bedrooms with Rory. Our room is bigger so two kiddos will fit in there nicely. I'm going to reorganize the entire house. Curtains, paint, moving furniture around... it should be interesting, to say the least. Then onto fixing out the basement. Think we can get it all done before this bambino shows up? hmmm, I'm not totally convinced myself. Here's to hoping!!! We can do it!

I've been researching ways to de-clutter and maximize small spaces. Many tricks out there...

Curved furniture! Gives you more room to get from a to b and the perfect solution for eliminating baby/toddler injuries.
 Elongate a space with stripes. This is great! Not sure I'll use this idea, but love it! Interior decorator Alex Papachristidis recommends creating a glamorous jewel box: “Use larger patterns on the fabrics. Stencil the floors and upholster the walls. With a small room, think grand—I always do.” 


White spaces. Really likey crispy whitey rooms. Seem bigger too. Great for natural light areas. Hmm bedroom or living room?

Though, dark walls make a small room look intriguing. Yep, that's the new news peeps...these rooms are pretty sharp! Our hallway is painted dark eggplant. I love the color. A crystal fixture will give it some wow. I might try and paint some accent walls dark. We'll see. I also might change my mind 101 times, but eventually I'll get it right!

Go symmetrical! Pleasing to the eye. Tricks the eye to look more organized. I have to buy a few pieces to make this work in a room or two. I'm not going to be boring and create too much symmetry, but a little will go a long way.

I just found this blog, Tiny-Ass Apartment. "Wish you had a five-bedroom mansion in the hills and enough money to decorate it with stuff from Anthropologie that's NOT on sale? Face it -- you live in a tiny-ass apartment with only enough cash to buy... nothing. Here's how to still be fabulous."

Awesome! A quick go to place to find ideas for my Tiny-Ass House!


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