Monday, August 15, 2011

Fair Bound

I was excited to share our visit to the Indiana State Fair Friday evening, but after the tragic accident Saturday it's so hard to blabber about our good time. Thoughts of peace go out to the families that lost loved ones and to all that were injured. Klint has a student in the hospital. The teenager will never be the same. Let's hope he gets to go home soon, along with all the others that are still in danger. It was a horrific event that seemed impossible. We were home, several blocks away and the wind was nasty. I'm telling you, I don't think anyone was prepared for it. We were concerned our trees would fall. Our neighborhood was scared for a split second. No sirens went off, so we waited just like everyone else. I cannot imagine what those people were going through at that moment. Our power was out for hours, so we stuck to our phones for information. Facebook is how we heard of the event.

Having worked on stages with my brother at one point in my life put this close to home. I was concerned not only for fans, but for all those crew members too. We have lots of friends that are still in the industry. It takes all day if not longer to prepare for a show. Workers are not careless; I would say that that stage was put up's their job, hard work that consumes most of their lives. They are grieving too and probably feel so helpless. Indiana weather is not predictable. Ever. We heard and saw it first hand. One minute the radar was clear, the next we thought a tornado was coming. What was supposed to be a fun night turned into total chaos. So sad.

I feel very lucky that our trip to The State Fair was a safe one. Pigs, horses, sheep, goats, cows, lemonade, gyros, ice-cream and games. I will try to remember the fair that way and will never forget the families and friends that were affected this weekend by their trip. Mommy even won a fish for Rory. (Well, two fish, but one left us an hour after we got home). Nemo (#2) is flapping away in a vase in Rory's room. She was so happy and kept saying, "I won, I won!!" And mommy was feeling pretty good too. I NEVER WIN A THING. Needless to say, I didn't think I would win a fish! I used to play that game as a kid...I thought it was hard?! We have a good memory of our trip. Hopefully our Nemo sticks around. When I see him I think of all those happy people before the storm, anxiously awaiting a good show.


Ice-cream at the barn!
Calling a sheep. Rory was scared of all of the animals.

So proud of her fish

A weekend to remember



Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Great pictures. Glad you had a nice time at the fair. And such a traggic story. I heard about it immediately on twitter and was just shocked! It was interesting to read your perspective!

Allison said...

Thx! We were shocked too. All of those negative comments out there from people about the fair, the crew and even the band just upset me. Fans were warned, but most stayed, so I just feel like there was nothing more anyone could have done. Mother nature took over. Indiana weather at its worst.

Abbie Rumbach said...

I enjoyed your perspective too...very sad...just a tragic accident.

Congrats on the fish! Very exciting! I hope Nemo #2 sticks around for awhile!