Friday, August 26, 2011

Cat is outta the bag!

Secret exposed! Let's see how many of my friends and family actually read this silly blog.  I just can't wait any longer. Have to spill it! Cute attempt of sharing news at several videos below. Good enough. Not the best display from iPhone, but you'll get the message....(may have to adjust volume a bit)

Rory's bday party. As you can hear, Nana was quite surprised.

Rory seems to think it's a girl! If only I can convince my husband to find out the sex...I'm longing to "plan" this time around. I may just have to find out myself, but how on earth do I keep that a secret?  ;) We are very excited. Now we just have to figure out where we are going to put the lil' bean when it arrives in March. Uh oh, our bungalow may need some more work.



Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Get outta town! I'm late to the game. Congrats :) So exciting.

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