Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So I'm still searching for the right bed and bedding for my Rory's room. Suggestions? For some reason, nothing is jumping at me. Maybe I just want it to be too perfect or too imperfect or I'm just emotional about her turning 2 in less than one month! The Restoration bed I wanted sold out before I could get my hands on it. I'm the master of procrastination. This bedding is cute and dreamy, (can I have the room please?) but then I need a different rug. Pretty sure I'm going for a white or off whitish bed, whether it be wood or iron. This headboard is gorgeous though isn't it?

I'm favoring this one too...

Serena and Lily have beautiful stuff as well. Very colorful. I'm afraid of too much color sometimes. Maybe I need more of it in my life though? Pillows and rugs are super cute too. Love, love, love this bird print.

Love letter sheets from cute. I'm all over the place. I usually have better focus when planning a space. :( Need to break out all my saved Domino and House Beautiful mags for some inspiration. Send some love my way if you have ideas! I'm in blog search mode too...


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